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Clevis Grab Hooks

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Self-Colored Hardware Chain Accessories -  - Clevis Grab Hooks

Grab Hooks are designed that the links of the correct size chain will securely hold in the throat of the hook without slippage. (Slip Hooks are designed that the size of the chain will slip freely through the bowl of the hook).  Self-colored. Not recommended for overhead lifting.

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Enter Qty Order # Chain Type Chain Size Position
Enter Qty Order # Chain Type Chain Size Position
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8023215 Proof/HT 1/4"
8023315 Proof/HT 5/16"
8023515 Proof/HT 7/16"
8023615 Proof/HT 1/2"
8023715 Proof/HT 5/8"
8024215 P80 1/4"
8024315 P80 5/16"
8024615 P80 1/2"
Clevis Grab Hooks
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