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Conveyer Series Chain - Double Pitch

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Roller Chain -  - Conveyer Series Chain - Double Pitch

Roller Chain must be ordered in increments of 10 feet.

Available in American Made or Import.  Dimensions are the same for both.

See Chart Below.

CA550 & CA620 are all-steel designed to operate on cast-tooth sprockets. It is used in place of steel detachable chain No. 55 and No. 62 where the applications require greater wear resistance and strength.

Chain No. Pitch

Roller Width 

Roller Dia

Overall Riv. Width

Overall Conn Width

Link PlateHeight

Link PlateThickness

Pin Dia
CA550 1.630 51/64 .656 1.375 1.500 3/4 .105 .281
CA620 1.654 63/64 .696 1.625 1.750 3/4 .125 .281
The following accessories (in addition to any quantities specified in the table below) will also be added to your cart upon clicking "Add Items to Cart"
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Enter Qty Order # Accessories Position
Enter Qty Order # Accessories Position
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CA550 - Ameri 1
CA550 - Import 2
CA620 - Ameri 3
CA620 - Import 4
Conveyer Series Chain - Double Pitch
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