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Hose Bend Restrictor

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Hose Guards -  - Hose Bend Restrictor

Stop problems before they start!  Reducing stress at the hose-coupling junction helps give you longer, trouble-free hose life.


Application: Used to reduce bending stress in the hose near the coupling to prevent damage
Color: HBR-1098 comes in red vinyl. All others come in black vinyl.
Features: Friction Fit; no adhesives or clamps required to hold bend restrictor in place on hose assembly. Saves assembly cost. Smooth finish will not scratch on equipment being washed. Tapered design reduces bending stress near the hose-coupling junction. Wide temperature range helps give extra long service life for both hot and cold power wash assemblies.
Material: PVC vinyl
Temperature Range: -40° F to +200° F
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Enter Qty Order # I.D. Length Hose Size & Type Note: Position
Enter Qty Order # I.D. Length Hose Size & Type Note: Position
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HBR-1050 .63 5.5 4C1T, 4C1TH, 4C2AT
HBR-1051 .73 6.0 4C2A, 6G1, 6GH1, 6M2T, 6C7S, 6PC1, 6M3K, 6WM
HBR-1052 .84 7.00 6C2A, 8G1, 8G1H, 8PCll
HBR-1053 1.00 8.0 8C1A, 8C2A, 10G1, 10G1H, 10M2T
HBR-1054 .77 7.00 6C1A, 6G2, 6PCll
HBR-1055 .53 5.3 4C7S/4C7SNC
HBR-1098 .91 7.0 8PCl, 8PCll comes in red vinyl
Hose Bend Restrictor
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