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Spiral Hose Wrap

Spiral wrap, used as a guard on single hoses or to bundle hoses, is the proven way to protect hose, wire, cable, etc., against chaffing, rubbing, crushing, ultraviolet, and other enviromental hazards that causes premature failure.  Users have realized a dramatic increase in serviceable life and reduction in costly repairs and down time.  SAVES MONEY!


Application: Protects all types of hoses, wires and cables, etc. Works well for bundling.
Color: Black or Industrial Yellow
Features: Made with anti-static and UV protection additives. Works very well for bundling and will wrap a bundle two times larger than it's diameter. Is self-lubricating and easy to install during hose assemblies, after completing assembly and even after installation.
Material: Heavy wall, high density, polyethylene resin HDPE (C 6 H 12 C 2 H 4), high tensile strength, thermal plastic
Temperature Range: -60°F to + 175°F

Fabric Hose Sleeve

Unique nylon sleeve that "frizzes" into a self-renewing shield that is extremely resistant to severe abrasion.  Also protects operator.  Down time and maintenance cost are reduced.


Application: Maximum protection for an individual hose or group of hoses against physical abrasion and deterioration. Provides burst and containment protection. Meets ISO 6945 abrasion standards.
Color: Black
Features: These nylon sleeves are unique because they form an extra protective layer against abrasive forces. Specifically, thousands of tiny nylon filaments, woven into the texturized yarn, "friz' into a self-renewing shield that is extremely resistant to severe abrasion. Also resists mildew and bacteria growth.
Material: Made of tiny nylon filaments

Polyurethane Hose Sleeve

100% Polyurethane solid sleeve helps contain leaks and stops abrasions between hoses.  Stop hose failure in it's tracks--get the protection you need today!


Application: Stops abrasion between hoses and provides UV protection
Color: Industrial Yellow
Features: Thin wall. 100% polyurethane solid sleeve helps contain leaks. Impervious to most chemicals. Provides maximum protection from abrasion between hoses. Flame retardant.
Material: Polyurethane
Temperature Range: -40°F to 250°F

Hose Bend Restrictor

Stop problems before they start!  Reducing stress at the hose-coupling junction helps give you longer, trouble-free hose life.


Application: Used to reduce bending stress in the hose near the coupling to prevent damage
Color: HBR-1098 comes in red vinyl. All others come in black vinyl.
Features: Friction Fit; no adhesives or clamps required to hold bend restrictor in place on hose assembly. Saves assembly cost. Smooth finish will not scratch on equipment being washed. Tapered design reduces bending stress near the hose-coupling junction. Wide temperature range helps give extra long service life for both hot and cold power wash assemblies.
Material: PVC vinyl
Temperature Range: -40° F to +200° F