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Wire Rope Clips

A Wire Rope Clip is used to clamp the loose end of wire rope after it has been looped back to form an eye.  These wire rope fittings consist of a u-bolt and has a saddle that is secured by two nuts.  Wire rope assemblies generally need at least 2 or 3 wire rope clips to properly secure the wire rope ends to the length of the rope.

When the wire rope terminations create the eye, there is a risk that the eye will bend too much, especially with a heavy load.  Adding a wire rope thimble (sold in this section) to the eye can help lengthen the service life of the rope by adding a layer of protection to the rope.

Choosing the correct type of wire rope is also important when using a wire rope clip.  Saftey Note:  wire rope clips should not be used on plastic-coated cable, unless the plastic is first stripped off.  Install wire rope clips over bare cable only.  Nuts on wire rope clips should be re-tightened/re-torqued regularly.

Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire Rope Thimbles are used in wire rope assemblies to keep an eye from being crushed.  When a wire rope assembly is terminated with an eye or loop at the end, a cable thimble is inserted to form the eye of the loop before the rope is secured.  Steel thimbles, or stainless steel thimbles in high corrosive enviroments, offer added protection from wear and tear of direct contact and deformation of the eye.  By adding this protection, it lenghtens the service life of your wire rope or wire rope slings.  Breaking strength is typically not denoted on steel rope thimbles as the pressure on the thimble eye can very depending on tension and direction the pressure comes from.