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C-Series Check Valves

Designed for control of hydraulic & pneumatic systems and allow full-flow in one direction.


Features: Efficient in-line design provides high flow capability with low pressure drop.
Soft seat poppet for leak-free service.
Maximum operating pressure 1500 psi brass & 5000 psi steel.

In-Line Check Valves

In-Line Check Valve


Features: Carbon steel body
Designed to provide flow in one direction
Operating temp range - 20°F through 210°F

Model LO - Pilot Operated Check Valves

LO Lock Valves are designed to lock a cylinder, or part of a circuit, without leakage while a control valve is in a neutral position. Lock Valves function as check valves, allowing flow to a cylinder and blocking reverse flow until pilot pressure is applied to "unlock" the circuit. These valves may be used to prevent movement of a load while the pressure source is inactive.


Features: Hardening Seats
Ball/Spring Checks
Note: Capacity (nominal): 25 gpm
Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi

Models LT & LTF Line Check Valves

The Model LT & LTF Valves will operate satisfactorily when installed in any position.  These valves may be used as Line Check Valves, permitting full flow of hydraulic oil in one direction only.