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Model DS - 2-Position Double Selector Valve

The Model DS 2-Position Double Selector Valve directs the flow of hydraulic oil to two separate circuits. This permits operation of two double-acting cylinders with one four-way control valve or four single-acting cylinders with two three-way control valves. The hydraulic circuit which is to be operated should be selected before pressure is applied. Valve is of the open crossover type. As spool is moved and one set of outlet ports start to close, the other set of outlet ports start to open.


Features: Pressure Balances Spool
Chrome Plated Spool
High-Tensile Cast Iron Body
Three Handle Position Options
Note: Capacity (nominal): 25 gpm
Operating Pressure: Model DS-75 - 2000 psi, Model DS-12 - 3000 psi

Model DS - Double Selector Valves

Brand: Prince

The Prince DS Valve is a manual 6-way, 2 position double selector valve. This valve will divert the flow going to two separate hydraulic circuits. For example, two double acting cylinders or two reversible hydraulic motors can be operated by one four-way valve. When the double selector spool is pushed in, the top ports are connected to the right ports. When the selector spool is pulled out, the top ports are connected to the left ports. An optional series/parallel spools is also available. This spool will run two reversible hydraulic motors in series when the spool is out and in parallel when the spool is pushed in.


Note: Maximum Operating Pressure: 2500 psi
Maximum Flow Rating: 40 gpm

Model MS06 Double Directional Control Selector Valves

SAE 1/4" blade terminals standard.


Features: Six Ported Selector Valve
Circuit Selector & Series - Parallel Selector
Hardened Steel Spool
Note: Capacity (nominal): Up to 14 gpm
Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi
Port Size: SAE 6