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Oil Level Sight Plugs

Sight plugs are designed for quick visual inspection of liquid

Sight Level Gauge

5" & 10" slotted for side viewing

Suction Strainers

Suction strainer filters hydraulic oil as it leaves the tank.  Features 100 mesh stainless steel screen, 125 micron rating fits 5 and 10 gallon tanks.

Sump Strainers

Sump strainers are used in hydraulic fluids, coolants, lubricants, and many process fluids.  All have strong perforated metal support tubes under the straining elements.  All are available with optional, built-in bypass relief valves to avoid starving the pump should the strainer become dirt clogged.

Tank Filler Breather Basket

These provide filler ports for hydraulic power unit tanks or other liquid reservoirs.  Liquids are strained as they are added to the tank and it lets the tank breathe filtered air.  The 30-mesh filler screen removes dirt and debris from liquids as they enter the systems.  The breather cap filters the air, trapping airborne dirt down to 40- or 10-micron levels.  It permits air passage at up to 25scfm.  Mounting hardware, gaskets, and templates are supplied.