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Hydraulic Components » In-Line Flow Rate Monitors

Flow Meter

Other types and sizes available. Also available are Pneumatic Flow Monitors, Flow Rate Alarms, Flow Rate Transmitters and Flow Analyzers.


Design: Designed as a hydraulic service tool, this rugged and reliable monitor will provide years of maintenance free performance. Exterior is also weather tight for use outdoors and/or on sytems where washdown are required.
Material: Select from aluminum, brass or stainless steel.
Note: Good Viscosity Stability. A thin (0.03"), sharp-edged, orifice provides excellent stability of readings to a minimum of 500 SUS.
Reverse Flow Capability-an option not found in most rotameters and other variable area meters.
Operations: This magnetically coupled follower allows high pressure operation to 6000 psig and use with opaque liquids.
Porting: Twenty-three different ports available. Standard selection of NPT, SAE and BSP permits system design versatility.

Flow Meter Tester

A complete troubleshooting system which includes a flow meter, needle valve, and gauge.  Used to diagnose faults in hydraulic circuits, determine horsepower and test for component wear and cylinder leakage.