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Parker DVG20 Series

Brand: Parker

Parker's DVG20 control valve has a well proven record for reliability in controlling fluid power.  They are made from compacted graphite, a high strength iron alloy that allows for a 3500 PSI rating.  Also features symmetrically timed spools, which allows for easy removal and reversal of spool for left or right hand operation and offers a wide range of function configurations, assuring that a control valve meeting your specific needs is just an e-mail away!


Features: Built-in, full-flow relief valves
Parallel and series circuit in one bank
Manual, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic operation
Sectional construction for maximum flexibility
Spool changeover capability for right or left
Hand valve assemblies
Low spool effort-improved metering
Flow Rating: 40 gpm
Maximum Working Pressure: 3500 PSI

Parker V20 Series

Brand: Parker

Parker's V20 directional control valve is a proven performer in this market.  It has very low pressure drops and optimized metering spools designed specifically for these machines.  V20 Series valves extension and retraction of cylinders, rotation of fluid motors and actuators, and sequence other circuit operations.  This valve is available for parallel, tandem, combined parallel/tandem, and series hydraulic circuit applications up to 3500 PSI (242 bar) continuous operating pressure.  With lighter spool actuating effort for finger tip touch and extra fine metering, the V20 Series is ideal for back hoe, front end loader and personnel lift applications.


Features: Exact work port control
Built in safety
Housings are made of ductile cast iron for durability and resistance to shock loads
Seal compatability
Broad offering of port accessories
Pressures up to 3500 PSI
Open-center and load-sense
Max Flow of 25 gpm

Prince Model SV

Brand: Prince


· 1-10 sections per valve bank with load checks on each section

· Hard chrome plated spools

· Compact construction, reversible handle and power beyond capability

· Enhanced metering section available in both the high and low sections

· Differential poppet style relief, adjustable from 1500 to 3000 psi (low pressure version available - 500 to 1500 psi)

                                                        · Mid-Inlet and lock valve section available

                                                        · Flow control inlet


Flow Rating: 12 GPM (nominal)
Max Operating Temp: 180° F (foot mounting)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi
Maximum Tank Pressure: 500 psi